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This web site is owned by Bizmaker Domains, Inc, a private Florida company with offices in Largo, Florida on the states west coast, just east of Tampa. Bizmaker is a wholly-owned property of Onyx Oil Corp, an oil and gas company. The Company's main focus is providing Internet Web Site tools and services to newco's and established Internet entrepreneurs. Bizmaker owns and operates the domains and web sites listed on the left of this page.

Management of the Company has experience in technology creation, licensing, Internet and private, as well as, public company business development. Principles of Bizmaker have also forged a number of timely business associations with leaders of the ever expanding global networking community.

Our business pledge to our clients, associates, affiliates, vendors, stockholders and joint venture partners, is as follows: We will strive in every way to represent the opportunities, programs and ventures in nothing but an honest and ethical position. We will do everything humanly possible to conduct our business and personal relationships on the highest of levels


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